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Gantry 4 Framework
HTML5 and CSS3
  • Welcome to Rising Power

    Rising Power is an established group of like minded people that have been playing MMO's for many many years. We will be a Wildstar Exile Raiding Guild.
    Wildstar is an exciting new MMO and we cannot wait to make new friends and start progressing through content.
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  • The Right Attitude

    To be a member of Rising Power you must have the right attitude. Our members get along drama free and have done so for amny years.
    Being a member and enjoying the fun and laughter we share is a privlage not a right.
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  • We are recruiting

    If you think you have what it takes to become a Rising Power Guild member click the link below to see if we are currently recruiting.
    Even if we are not recruiting, if you prove to be an exceptional player we will find a spot for you.
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